March News from the Chairman

A Further note from the Chairman

It’s 4th March now, only a few weeks to go to the AGM on 7th April 2020. I’m pleased to remind you that this year’s after AGM talk will be given by one of our own committee members John Selby on “CYBER CRIME”. John worked at Farnborough on the wind tunnels and subsequently in electronics and underwater warfare involving high powered computers. He even had a hand in the design of the early cash point machines! So, come and join us.

At the meeting itself we elect committee members. Your present committee has suffered from illness and loss over the last year or so, myself loosing my wife and John Mitchell’s wife suffering a major stroke. With no secretary and these difficulties, it has been hard for the committee to function properly. If you know of anyone with an interest in the river who could help us then please contact us to put them up for election at the AGM on 7th April – there’s plenty of time to do this. We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Dave Anderton