Feb 2020 News from the Chairman

A Note from the Chairman

As the winter’s end draws near our thoughts turn to warm weather and our sailing plans for the season ahead. So many possibilities and yet, in particular this year, so many unknowns – as a famous American politician noted! For us questions like how will customs operate; will red diesel be a difficulty when entering the EU and will we be free to sail are at the moment unknown. On the river Hamble things are more certain and under control. However, if there are little problems that you have encountered over the last year or so or incidents where praise is needed then we would very much like to hear from you before our AGM in a months’ time. Please feel free to contact either myself (davea8@tiscali.co.uk) or our Treasurer Jeremy Clark (jeremy.clark589@btinternet.com). Wishing you all a Happy New 2020.

Dave Anderton